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pokemon badges

The international sensation that is Pokémon GO is still going strong and now, seemingly to celebrate, the Nintendo Badge Arcade has released pixel badges of the original 151 Pokémon! Not up to catch ’em all? Don’t worry: there are a bunch of retro badges in stock today, too!

Free play?: Yes! I heard that you’ll do whatever it takes to get rare Pokémon. You’re not above doing all sorts of things, I’ve heard.

Practice catcher:
pokemon badges

Today’s the final day for the new Zelda II: Adventure of Link badges that were released! Be sure to grab ’em if they don’t already have a home in your collection!

That’s all for today! We hope to see you again!

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

Daniel is an editor at Nintendo Wire. Always with his head in the clouds, he is never apart from his creative thoughts – a blessing for an aspiring fiction writer. As a journalist and lifelong gamer, he aims to provide readers with the very best in Nintendo coverage.