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Joining the flurry of news that came out of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Party, a new Lego Dimensions trailer has been released featuring the adorable Lego hedgehog.

The new Sonic-inspired level pack looks very familiar, as it features Green Hill Zone remade in Lego style. Sonic brings along all of his classic sound effects to the Lego world, as well a nice sense of speed.

The trailer shows Sonic running not only in his own world, but also in other worlds featured in the game — Doctor Who and Portal, especially.

The new level pack features a Sonic mini figure holding a ring, the unforgettable “Tornado” aircraft from classic Sonic titles, as well as the Sonic Speedster from his recent racing games.

It’s very fun to think about all of the places Sonic will be able to go for the first time when the level pack releases this November!

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Written by Logan Plant

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