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It’s the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, and the franchise seems to be popping up everywhere as of late. Sun and Moon releases this November, and if you haven’t heard anything about Pokémon GO this week you’ve probably been hiding under a rock.

Next, our favorite creature-capturing franchise looks to enter the movie scene, with the rights to the next Pokémon film becoming a hot item in Hollywood. Legendary Entertainment, which most recently released Warcraft, another recent push in video game-themed cinema, looks to be the frontrunner for the rights.

Recent video game films have not been received well, with Warcraft, The Angry Birds Movie and Ratchet and Clank all getting destroyed by critics. Hopefully a future Pokémon film can turn the tides of this emerging genre!

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Written by Logan Plant

Logan loves voicing his opinions just as much as writing them. When he isn’t gaming or writing, Logan’s probably recording a podcast or chatting on the radio. Video game journalism is his passion, and he hopes to cover video games for years to come.