The first five minutes of the upcoming spinoff Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice have been posted to GameXplain’s YouTube page. In classic Sonic fashion, the game kicks off with a beautifully animated cutscene accompanied by cringe-worthy dialogue. It’s here that the game’s new mechanic is introduced: manipulating the environment using various fire and ice powers.

The first level is also shown in the new footage. Based in an icy environment, the player makes Sonic create ice blocks to cross gaps and melt ice blocks with his fire to break down barriers. Sonic looks much faster than he did in the previous entries in the Sonic Boom franchise, which is a welcome sign for fans of the main line of Sonic games.

Watch the full trailer:

For those still skeptical about the Sonic Boom series, don’t forget Sega is announcing the next entry in the main Sonic series this July at the 25th anniversary party in San Diego. Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is set to release on September 27th, with the unannounced title coming sometime in 2017.

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