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A concert commemorating The Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary will be coming to different cities in Japan later this year. The first performance will be in Kyoto on Saturday, October 1st; the second and third performances take place in Tokyo on Sunday, October 16th, and the final performance will be in Nagoya on December 14th.

Tickets are split into three classes, with the most expensive, the Master Sheet, costing ¥12,000, It will include a specially designed ticket, along with an exclusive, collectible pin set. The S Seat tickets and A Seat tickets will cost ¥9,000 and ¥7,500, respectively. The Master Sheet tickets will be on sale online through July 5th at 23:59 JST, the S and A tickets will be on sale through July 11th at 23:59 JST.

Takemoto Taizo will be conducting all four shows, with performances by the Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra performing in their respective cities. The Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra will be performing in Nagoya. The orchestras will be playing popular songs from the Zelda series, and will have a stage plan that incorporates the 30 year history of the Zelda franchise.

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