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Those of you who pre-ordered their limited edition copies of Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma through Amazon and have been freaking out that it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet can rest a little easier today, as the retail juggernaut is attempting to make things right. Emails have been sent out apologizing for the bonus watch’s unexpected delay and broken street day delivery promise. For those affected, a $10 promotional certificate is being added to your Amazon account and will automatically be applied towards your next eligible purchase.


As for the game itself, stock is currently fairly limited with more trickling in with each passing day. Aksys and Amazon are working together to assure that the game will be shipped to consumers continuously as they receive them, with the bonus watch to ship separately sometime in the foreseeable future.

Here’s the full transcript of the email:


We’re contacting you about your order for Zero Time Dilemma: Limited Watch Bonus Edition 3DS. We recently learned of an unexpected delay in getting the Limited Edition Bonus watch included in your order from our supplier. We’ll be shipping the game without the bonus watch and will ship the bonus watch as soon as it becomes available. We’re very sorry about this.

You’ll still receive the item and you can track the status of or make any changes to your order under Your Orders on

To help make up for the inconvenience, we’ve added a $10 promotional certificate to your account. This amount will automatically apply the next time you buy an eligible item shipped and sold by

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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