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Have you been dying to dig into even more Shovel Knight content? Yacht Club Games has you covered with a massive update on its recently announced Specter Knight campaign DLC, coming to pretty much every platform in existence in the near future.


Much like the Plague Knight campaign, Specter Knight will offer players an entirely new way to play with his diverse and sometimes unorthodox moveset. You can expect to slice, dice, wall climb and dash your way to victory with the all new control scheme included in the update.


Specter Knight is ready to slash enemies to pieces with his signature attack.


Dashing is a fantastic way to dodge stage obstacles and deliver a devastating aerial attack.

Wall Climb

I’m not sure if this is Ninja Gaiden or Shovel Knight! Wall climbing allows Specter Knight to easily run up and over large walls and obstacles.

Dash Slice

Now we’re cooking with gas! Specter Knight’s Dash Slash is a sure-fire way to tackle difficult enemies with ease. Line up your blow to unleash multiple hits at once.

Unfortunately, Yacht Club Games isn’t quite ready to uncover the release window for the new campaign at this time. However, the company assures us it’s hard at work on not just the Specter Knight campaign, but a dedicated King Knight Campaign as well. You can check out a small Q&A with Yacht Club games below with some additional information on what it has in store for us in the coming months.

  • We’re working on two new campaigns: Specter Knight and King Knight.
  • Campaigns will not be releasing at the same time. Specter Knight will be released first!
  • No estimated release date for any Update quite yet.
  • Similar to our last update, we’ll probably go overboard too. Hey! Maybe that’s why we’re called Yacht Club Games!
  • New campaigns will come with new Feats and Challenges for the new campaign character!
  • We’re also working on two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode!
  • Just like Plague of Shadows releasing with Challenge Mode, we’re planning to release one of these new modes alongside each campaign.
  • Battle Mode is being designed as a single screen, multiple controller, multiplayer mode and is currently not planned to arrive on handheld versions of the game. We’ll be sure to announce if there are any changes on that front.
  • Much like Plague of Shadows, all of the announced upcoming Shovel Knight content will be free on ALL platforms! For disc/cart and digital versions!
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