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The new entry into the Paper Mario series, Color Splash, was shown off during the Nintendo Treehouse event at E3 today. Let’s break down what we’ve learned about the game so far:

Paper Mario Color Splash takes our beloved hero to Prism Island, where a mysterious force is draining all the color from the island. Mario will have to team up with new friends, use his wits and his new tools to solve this mystery. This action-adventure game features new characters, a new battle system and Wii U GamePad interaction.


One of the new characters that you’ll meet in this game is a paint bucket named Huey. Huey lives under the “prism” of Prism Island in a slumber, and is somewhat of a guardian to the island. The developer explained that if the color were to ever fade from the island, Huey would spring into action and save the island. Huey will accompany you on your journey and will provide you with hints along the way.

Here’s a quick look at some of Mario’s new tools:

  • The Paint Hammer – This special hammer let’s Mario restore color to Prism Island. You can use the hammer to color in colorless spots to solve puzzles, find clues and rescue Toads who had their color drained away.


  • Battle Cards – These special cards can be found around Prism Island and are used to help you fight off enemies. Adding paint to the cards can boost their effect, but your supply of paint is limited. You can also use them to summon objects and allies. The intention of this new game mechanic was to make each battle feel like a puzzle, adding a layer of strategy and depth to the combat.

And lastly, a new feature in the game is the Cutout ability. This ability lets you cut out a section of the area using the GamePad, allowing you to reach areas that you otherwise couldn’t get to. With this feature you can find secret sections of a level, or helpful items.

Paper Mario Color splash is scheduled for release on October 7, 2016. You can check out the E3 trailer below:

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