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During today’s Nintendo Treehouse livestream, some interesting details were revealed for the latest game in the Monster Hunter franchise.

Monster Hunter Generations contains an all new story set in the Monster Hunter universe, featuring new monsters, hunting styles and hunter arts. Most notably, the game marks the first time in the series players can fully assume the role of felynes in battle. As a felyne, or “prowler”, you have unlimited use of the stamina bar, and can attack and mount colossal foes just as any normal hunter would. During a 4-player cooperative demo, a new monster Malfestio was revealed, boasting various beam attacks that can either confuse or put your hunter to sleep.


Starting June 30th, a demo for Monster Hunter Generations will be made available in the Nintendo eShop. However for a fortunate few, email codes will be sent to select My Nintendo members starting today for early access. Each email will receive two codes so you can hunt together with friends. You can also pay your way to the demo, as early access is also being granted through Humble Bundle’s E3 2016 digital ticket. Slaughter some monsters while giving to a good cause!

It was also announced today that anyone with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data will receive a special bonus: a baby tigrex felyne armor for your prowler in Monster Hunter Generations. If the power of cuteness compels you, be sure to download Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate right now in the Nintendo eShop, as it’s currently being offered at the reduced price of $19.99 until June 21st.


Monster Hunter Generations will be released on July 15th. Be sure to check out the E3 trailer below:

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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