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We saw yet another jam-packed day from Nintendo at E3 today. From new info on Pokémon GO, to brand new trailers for recently announced games, to a surprise launch for a certain, highly anticipated rhythm game, the Nintendo Inquirer team was there to cover it all! Here is a recap of everything we saw.


  • Pokémon GO

    • The Pokémon GO Project started because of the April Fool’s Google Maps Challenge back in 2013.
    • Only Kanto Pokémon are available right now, due to Pokémon’s 20th anniversary. All Pokémon are planned to be added.
    • You’ll have more direct control over catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO, with more skill and timing involved than in the main series games.
    • No trading or Sun and Moon compatibility at first; developers want players to focus on catching lots of Pokémon in the beginning.


  • Pokémon GO Plus

    • Pokémon GO Plus is an accessory that will be used to play Pokémon GO without having to pull out your smart phone.
    • The button in the middle lights up and can be interacted with.
    • Will be released by the end of July for $34.99 through online retailers and select physical stores. Can be pre-ordered via Amazon.


  • Ever Oasis

    • Ever Oasis is a brand new Nintendo IP that is an Action RPG in a desert setting, from the man who designed the Moogles and Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series.
    • Gameplay revolves around building up your oasis and exploring dungeons looking for you brother and expelling the Chaos from creatures.
    • Parties are a big part of the game, you must use the abilities of different party members to get through each dungeon.
    • Foraging and collecting are very important in this game, you should always be collecting.
    • Ever Oasis will be available sometime in 2017


  • BoxBoxBoy!

    • Sequel to BoxBoy! PLay is focused around being able to create two sets of boxes to solve puzzles.
    • Saved data from the first game can be carried over, unlocking any costumes you have in the first game.
    • Releasing June 30, 2016
    • BoxBoy! is on sale in the eShop now!



  • Mario Party: Star Rush

    • Toad Scramble is the main mode of this Mario Party.
    • Everyone starts as Toad but other Mario characters can be recruited to your team.
    • Features simultaneous play; everyone rolls dice and moves at the same time across a whole new kind of Mario Party board.
    • Stars are earned by beating bosses in minigames, bosses randomly appear across the board.
    • All Wave 2 Super Mario amiibo are compatible with this title, although we didn’t see how.
    • Mario Party: Star Rush will launch on November 4, 2016



  • Yokai Watch 2

    • In Yokai Watch 2, Players will discover the origin of Yokai and travel 60 years in the past.
    • This game  expands on the exploration elements from the first game, allowing you to visit multiple towns and even different time periods.
    • Will also introduce four player co-op to the Yokai Watch series.
    • Launching on September 30, 2016



  • Monster Hunter: Generations

    • This Monster Hunter game includes a “Prowler Mode” which will allow you to play as a Felyne. Mounting monsters will also make a return!
    • A Monster Hunter: Generations demo will be available in the Nintendo eShop, but if you buy the Humble Bundle E3 Digital Ticket, you can play the demo right now!
    • Launching July 15, 2016



  • Dragon Quest VII

    • Dragon Quest VII stands alone from previous games in the series, and is a remake of the original PlayStation version.
    • The series is celebrating its 30 year anniversary in Japan, and core members of the team haven’t changed in all that time.
    • Changing jobs can be done at any time, and you can mix and match abilities between them.
    • There are over 450 monsters to fight in Dragon Quest VII, and over 50 jobs total, allowing for many combinations
    • Launching September 16, 2016



  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

    • There are easter eggs for seasoned Fire Emblem fans littered throughout the game.
    • Side quests can be completed in dungeons that you have already completed, which means that there are hundreds of hours of content for completionists to sink their teeth into.
    • Completing these side-quests will unlock specially rendered, J-Pop music videos featuring characters from the game.
    • Launches on June 24, 2016



  • Paper Mario: Color Splash

    • New paint-bucket sidekick, named Huey, revealed.
    • You can use your hammer to paint the environment and fill in spaces where the color has been sucked out.
    • Collect cards in the overworld to be used in battles against enemies.
    • This game is the first time in the series where the full-paper aesthetic is fully realized.
    • Koopalings make their first Paper Mario appearance as bosses.
    • Launching October 7, 2016



  • Rhythm Heaven: Megamix

    • The game now has hints to help you figure out the beat in the tutorial.
    • First Rhythm Heaven game to feature a story.
    • Features all new, original minigames, along with old minigames with new music.
    • Available right now on the Nintendo eShop!


That’s all folks! Make sure you check out the individual articles for more information on anything you are interested in, and stick around for in-depth pieces from the Nintendo Inquirer team regarding what we saw at E3 2016!

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