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Thanks to a new update last night, Pokkén Tournament is now at version 1.3. As is usually the case with updates to games, people have been digging around in the update file for any useful information. During this digging, Reddit user BananaMuffinFrenzy has come across some interesting data. The first is a file named “evt_sphit_Scizor” along with a list of other files that seem to reference Empoleon and Darkrai.






Empoleon and Darkrai are numbers 395 and 491, respectively, in the Pokédex. The words following those numbers are moves that the indicated Pokémon would use (iwakudaki is Rock Smash). It’s also important to point out that other files already present in the game use Pokédex numbers to reference the Pokémon the data corresponds to.

Will we end up seeing DLC fighters come to Pokkén after all? I certainly hope we do, hopefully we will find out soon!

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