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BoxBoxBoy!, the sequel to 2015’s charming yet deviously tricky puzzle platformer from HAL Labs, is finally making its way West. Released earlier this year under the title BoxBoy! One More Box in Japan, the follow-up was heralded with critical acclaim, praised for its clever additions to the series’ simple but brilliantly nuanced visuals and gameplay.

Once again following the exploits of the adorable transforming square, Qbby, BoxBoxBoy! challenges players to navigate an escalating series of puzzle platforming levels. By duplicating and extending his body, one box at a time, Qbby can build bridges, reach ledges, and activate switches using his makeshift appendages.


The sequel promises to add more than a hundred new levels with unique challenges and mechanics, and also gives Qbby the new ability to produce two separate sets of boxes – blue and green. This should bring a whole new level of mind-bending complexity to the game’s already elaborate puzzles.


BoxBoxBoy! will be available on the North American and European eShop on June 30th, and will retail for $4.99 US. Starting today, the original BoxBoy! will go on sale via eShop for $2.99, with an additional discount available for My Nintendo members.

Check out the trailer here:

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Written by Brittin Shauers

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