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There was a new multiplayer mode shown off today for Pokémon Sun and Moon and it looks like a great twist on standard battling: Battle Royal! Featuring four players in a special arena, designed with colored corners showing off Gyarados, Tyranitar, Haxorus, and Charizard; each will battle with up to three Pokémon with the freedom of being able to target any of the three opponents’. A unique point system will be in place giving ground to new strategies to develop rather than attempting to simply knock out Pokémon. The battle’s over after all of one player’s Pokémon have been knocked out, giving victory to the player with the most points.


This was all shown off from a live demo with each trainer only having one Pokémon each, so rules and progression may be a little different when the mode’s played with full teams. Get excited though, as Battle Royal will be a great way to test your skills when Sun and Moon launch this November!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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