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Hey, Pokémon trainers! Remember a few weeks back when we got that fantastic clip of more Pokémon Sun and Moon footage, and the internet was smart enough to point out a few pixels that looked like a new Pokémon? Come on, you remember!

Well, the internet was right, and we have an adorable new puppy coming our way in the Alola region!

This little guy’s name in Japanese is Iwanko, and he’s a pure Rock-type known as the Deep Eye Pokémon. According to CoroCoro, Iwanko can have either the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit ability. While there isn’t really much information and the brown pup yet, his cuteness should be enough to hold you off until more info comes.



And, surprisingly enough, CoroCoro has revealed a second Pokémon for us, as well! Never before seen is the Koala Pokémon Nekkoala, the Contagious Dream Pokémon who looks like it’s constantly sleeping and is quite attached to its log. The only information we know about this little one as well is its ability, which is Definite Sleep.


Get excited! Though small, this reveal is definitely promising in what’s to come. And I certainly hope you like these two cuties as much as I do!

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Written by George Comatas

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