After months of waiting we may finally be coming up on the full force of Sonic’s 25th anniversary celebrations. Not only was the blue blur officially announced for Lego Dimensions yesterday, but a new piece of merchandise is on the way featuring a select collection of the franchise’s best music and movies.

The Sonic 25th Anniversary CD/DVD comes in a standard CD case with three discs. The first two include 50 music tracks from across the entire Sonic back catalog, from the original Genesis games all the way up to the recent smartphone-exclusive Sonic Runners. You can check out the full track list over on the official Sonic Channel page, but rest assured, Escape from the City is present and correct.

soniccd1 soniccd2
Meanwhile the “bonus DVD” comes with cutscenes and trailers that likewise cover the entire Sonic history, from the iconic intro animation to Sonic CD to, somewhat strangely, the TGS trailer for Sonic and the Black Knight.

Fans of Sonic will surely be pleased by the sheer number of things on offer in this CD/DVD combo, but sadly as of right now it seems to be an exclusive to Japan. We’ll be sure to let you know if a western release is ever announced!


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Written by Tom Brown

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