The official Miitomo site has announced a new prize to be unlocked! Previously, the prizes were “Link’s New Hair Wig” and Link’s Hat Wig,” for 10,000 and 20,000 retweets, respectively. Since the 20,000 retweet milestone has been reached, a new item, “Black 8-bit Link Tee” has been announced, which will unlock at 40,000 retweets.


The Legend of Zelda retweet event involves the total retweets of every tweet containing #Miitomo_Zelda_RT from an official Nintendo Twitter account and is a worldwide event. Retweet totals will continue to be added up until June 13th at 7:59 a.m. PST. It’s important to remember not to include a comment in your retweet, or it will not be counted towards the running total.

After the event is over, Miitomo users will have from June 15th to July 14th to claim the prizes in Miitomo. Which Zelda crossover item are you most excited to see in Miitomo? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments!

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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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