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Level-5 has revealed new details about the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 3 today, including new gameplay and story features. First off, players will be able to create their own Jibanyan companion. Personalization options include color, voice, tribe, and patterns. These created characters will be able to be leveled up and will learn special skills from “Teacher Jibanyan”.

Another new feature is Zombie Night, where zombies and zombified Yo-kai appear in town. Players have to survive the night using a special hammer.

Most exciting of all (to me) is the introduction of two new characters: Murder and Cuckly. These two plagiarism-dodging characters are investigating the strange events taking place in the US portion of the story, with one screenshot showing Murder holding a “Y-File”. I can only hope that the dialogue is written like an X-Files episode.

Cuckly: “Murder, what are you saying? You’re telling me that ghosts caused all of this fruit to go bad?”

Murder: *throws her a file* “Not ghosts, Cuckly. Have you ever heard of Yo-kai?”

Truly, the mind races at the possibilities. Yo-Kai Watch 2 has been confirmed for a US release on September 30, 2016, so the hope is alive that we will also get to experience the Y-Files for ourselves in the future.

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