Yacht Club Games released a new animated gif on their Twitter today that gave us our first official look at gameplay for the upcoming King Knight campaign. Following the amazing Plague of Shadows update to Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games are releasing campaigns for King Knight, Specter Knight, as well as a battle mode and a gender swap option.

The gif of King Knight is short, but gives us a few clues about how his gameplay differs from the knights of the Shovel and Plague variety. We see him swing his scepter straight forward as a basic melee attack. After that, he begins charging his attack, similar to Plague Knight’s burst attacks. After jumping, he releases his charge, which causes him to do an air dash attack. After colliding with an enemy, King Knight begins spinning in the air. He uses this spin to bounce off of the checkpoint a few times, then bounces off of the heads of a line of Propellor Rats until he reaches a high ledge and poses dramatically. With this bit of footage, we can confirm he has a melee attack, unlike Plague Knight, and can bounce like Shovel Knight, although possibly only after using his charge attack to hit an enemy. The pose at the end might be accomplished by holding up or down on the d-pad (I certainly hope it can be done on command, because it’s super cool).

As far as the UI goes, we get a look at the solid gold border truly befitting a king. This gif appears to be from the first level, so he has very little health. We can also see that he does not have a magic meter, at least not yet. Most interestingly, however, is the icon above the gold meter in the top-left corner. The standard gold icon is still there, but there’s a second meter with a picture of a crown that stays at zero. Does this mean King Knight gets his own form of currency? Is he collecting crowns to become the Kingiest Knight ever? We can only await with baited breath for more updates from Yacht Club Games as these updates near completion.

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Written by Bryan Finch

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