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Your main characters won’t be the only ones getting a makeover when Pokémon Sun and Moon launches later this year!

Like every entry in the series, the Pokédex serves a convenient tool that records information about the Pokémon you see and catch throughout your adventure. This time around, Professor Kukui gives the player a special Pokédex inhabited by Rotom, which comes with a whole new set of features. Known as the Rotom Pokédex, this nifty tool is bursting with personality and shows your current location, next destination, and gives advice on where to go next based on conversations you’ve had with others within the game.


With any luck, this evolution of the series’ most iconic and useful appliance won’t stop there. We’ll be sure to keep you updated should more features be announced in the months go come.

Pokédex Sun and Moon is set to release this Holiday season on November 18th in North America and November 23rd in Europe.

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Written by Matthew Weidner

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