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A brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games debuted on the official Pokémon YouTube channel today. In it, we got a closer look at some of the Pokémon, characters, and the new region we’ll be exploring this fall.

The trailer starts off with a detailed look at the two new legendary Pokemon – Solgaleo and Lunala – in action.


We’re then treated to some of the scenic views of the gorgeous Alola region, and some of the trainer avatars players will be able to choose from. A handful of new characters were introduced in the new footage as well; including Professor Kukui, his assistant Lillie, and your friend Hau. Finally, things wrap up with the debut of a new gadget, the Rotom Pokedex, a new way to document your journey and communicate with others.


Stay tuned to Nintendo Inquirer today for a detailed look at everything we spotted in the new trailer. In the meantime, you can watch it here:

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Written by Brittin Shauers

Brittin literally grew up with Link, Mario and Samus. These three characters and their worlds collectively capture everything that he loves about video games.