The next batch of Pokémon Sun and Moon info is here!

After finally getting the much anticipated starter reveal just a few weeks ago, fans everywhere were also treated to small glimpses of the upcoming mascot legendaries, but (unfortunately) without any real information about them.

However, this morning, that’s changed! In the newest trailer published by the official Pokémon YouTube channel, we’re finally given some information about the awesome looking beasts.

The mascot for Pokémon Sun is named Solgaleo, and clearly pulls inspiration from a lion (we’re also guessing that’s where it gets its name). The menacing looking sun god is set to be Psychic- and Steel-type, with the ability Full Metal Body. From the short clip we were given, it seems that this ability prevents Solgaleo’s stats from being lowered by other Pokémon’s abilities. Whether this translates to stat-lowering moves as well isn’t clear yet. Solgaleo also has the signature move Sunsteel Strike, and judging from the name, the move will probably be Steel-type as well.



Pokémon Moon’s skeletal bat is called Lunala, and dons the Psychic- and Ghost-types, making both mascots of the Psychic type. It’s got the ability Shadow Shield, though disappointingly enough the trailer doesn’t show us what this ability does just yet. It’s signature move is Moongeist Beam, and judging from its super effectiveness against Gengar, it’s safe to assume this’ll be a Ghost-type move.



You can watch the full trailer below, and stay tuned for any more information about Pokémon Sun and Moon!

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Written by George Comatas

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