The penultimate DLC release in Fire Emblem Fates’s Map Pack 2 is now available for purchase and download.

“V: Endless Dawn” follows a party of child units led by Shigure as they “[storm] the enemy gates.”


Players who successfully complete the map will receive both Speedtaker and Resistancetaker Scrolls, which allow units to learn the skills Speedtaker and Resistancetaker, respectively.

Characters who have learned the skill Speedtaker will receive a +2 Speed bonus each time they defeat an enemy. Similarly, characters with the Resistancetaker skill gain a +2 Resistance bonus with every felled opponent.

The map is the fifth in a six-chapter saga called “Heirs of Fate,” which is due to end its weekly release schedule next Thursday, June 9th.

“V: Endless Dawn” can be purchased and downloaded from the in-game Dragon’s Gate for the price of $1.99 USD, or as part of the $7.99 Map Pack 2 bundle. Players who have already bought Map Pack 2 will need to navigate to “Purchase DLC” and “Purchase Content” to gain access to the new map.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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