Over the past few decades Akira Himekawa – a pseudonym for two anonymous female mangaka – has worked on many successful manga adaptations of games in the Legend of Zelda series. Unfortunately, their last major undertaking was Phantom Hourglass in 2009, although a small Skyward Sword prequel from the duo was included in 2011’s Hyrule Historia.

However, after a long break, Akira Himekawa is finally returning to the realm of Zelda, this time with an adaptation of Twilight Princess. This manga has been seeing a staggered release in Japan for a few months, thanks to the smartphone app Manga One, but a physical release is inbound for the region on June 24th.


Those of us in the west have cause to celebrate too, as in a recent Facebook post Akira Himekawa reveals that the Twilight Princess manga will be localized into both English and German, courtesy of VizMedia and TOKYOPOP Deutschland, respectively. VizMedia has handled the localizations of almost all the previous Zelda manga, and are also well known for their work with the various Pokémon Adventures books.

The western release dates for the Twilight Princess manga are unknown at this time, but Akira Himekawa encourages readers to watch out for announcements from its respective western publishers. Rest assured, we’ll bring you the dates as soon as they’re announced, so stay tuned!

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Written by Tom Brown

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