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Capcom divulged a lot of Monster Hunter Stories information earlier today, and while we’ve already covered the biggest piece of news, namely that the game will be receiving a series of amiibo, there were plenty of other tidbits that are worth covering.

First up is a selection of costumes for your felyne companion, Nabiru. Certain copies of the game will come with a code that allows him to dress up as franchise regular Rathalos, meanwhile fans who have Monster Hunter Generations save data on their 3DS will get access to Dinovaldo costume and an exclusive sword!


In typical Monster Hunter fashion Capcom will also be collaborating with other companies on themed content. These include various store-specific bonus monsters and, more strangely, the inclusion of a weapon and outfit based on Japanese musician Daigo.


Fans of Sanrio’s catalog of characters will also be happy to hear the golden retriever Pompompurin will be another costume Nabiru can wear. We’ll no doubt hear of many other costumes and weapons themed around different properties in the future, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Capcom has also revealed more about the planned anime adaptation, Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, which will premiere in October, likely alongside the game itself. New episodes will air every Sunday at 08:30 on Fuji TV.


If you’re still unclear on what Monster Hunter Stories is be sure to check out our previous look at the game’s story and mechanics. While a western release has yet to be confirmed, the track record of Monster Hunter games coming over should be a good sign. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as anything is announced!

Thanks go out to Gematsu for the screenshots and translations.

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Written by Tom Brown

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