Today marks the first day that field tests for Pokémon GO in the U.S. are live. While the field tests in Japan, New Zealand and Australia have been running, Pokémon and Niantic have been gathering data to help improve the upcoming mobile game, and quite a few new changes have made their way over to the US field test version because of it.

According to the official Niantic Labs blog, Pokémon in Pokémon GO are now able to evolve with the help of their trainers, as well fully grown Pokémon being available in the wild. In addition, Pokémon eggs are now findable within the game; and just like in the main series, it’ll take a predetermined amount of (real!) steps before the egg hatches and you find out what Pokémon awaits inside. Niantic has assured us, though, that there will be ways to help shorten the process i.e. incubators.


More details about the game that have already been covered from leaks of the Japanese field tests are described in greater details on the blog, including Pokémon Gyms. The official Pokémon website also goes on to cover much of this information in a surprisingly lengthy information page about the app. The website even elaborates on Pokémon GO Plus, the small Poké Ball shaped bluetooth device that was first seen during the reveal of the app. While there isn’t much information about it yet, the website assures us that it will allow players to interact with the app even when they’re not directly on their smartphones, and simple actions like catching a Pokémon will be doable right from the device.


Oh, and lastly! Niantic has stated that so far, Venusaur of all Pokémon has been the most elusive, and nobody within the field tests has spotted one yet. Will you be the first?

Make sure to check back often for more information about the upcoming app.

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Written by George Comatas

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