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Data research site Goo Rankings has been on a roll lately riling up Pokémon fans with some targeted polls aimed at Japanese gamers. First up was Mewtwo being voted the “most handsome” Pocket Monster of all, then there was the slop of sludge Grimer taking the “Ugliest Pokémon” crown.

While the latter was certainly mean spirited it doesn’t have anything on their latest question – which is the most seriously useless starter Pokémon?

Well, 1,397 Japanese fans have decided: it’s Chikorita.


The grass member of the Johto starter trio, Chikorita is likely based on the sauropod genus of dinosaur with the complexion of a pear and the leaf of a chicory plant.

You can check out the rest of the top 10 supposedly useless starter Pokémon below:

1. Chikorita (166 votes)
2. Piplup (137 votes)
3. Bulbasaur (121 votes)
4. Squirtle (99 votes)
5. Chespin (90 votes)
6. Charmander (tied 89 votes)
7. Turtwig (tied with 89 votes)
8. Treecko (78 votes)
9. Froakie (75 votes)
10. Tepig (69 votes)

What do you think, is Chikorita really that bad, or should another starter have received the dubious award? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Tom Brown

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