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We have been speculating about the Nintendo NX for over a year now and yet we’re still very unclear on the details, but one of the most prevalent rumors making its way around the internet was that it would be a hybrid of console and handheld in some form. Now a new rumor has dropped that throws even that into disarray, as it suggests Nintendo is also working on a handheld device codenamed “MH”.

The source this time around is the Japanese financial site, who make the revelation in an article about Nintendo’s stock forecasts being revised downwards. We have a translation courtesy of twitter user BlackKite, which you can check out below:

Nintendo – Mitsubishi UFJMS cutting stock price benchmarks, targeting long-range investment

Nintendo <7974.T> continue to see their stock prices fall. At the Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, the new traction for mid-term profit growth is being changed to next-generation game console. As a target for long-term investment, the investment judgment “Overweight” is continued. The stock price benchmark is being reduced from 34000 yen to 32200 yen.

By doing things like changing money order premises, forecasts from FY March 2017 to FY March 2020 are being revised downwards. The driving force for economic growth has been switched from previous new businesses like “Health service, Theme park & Mobile games” to the next generation game console NX and next generation portable game console MH (Tentative title). There is no change in mid-term growth scenario.

Things being predicted from now on are new factors to profit impact when NX and MH are to be fully announced, and monetization of mobile games. If the skepticism on these can be wiped away, there is a high chance that their stocks will be greatly revalued, and as a premise for long-term investment, now is perhaps the [best] entry timing [to invest here].

While this may sound exciting or daunting depending on your point of view, it may simply be the author making some speculative predictions. This interpretation is supported by Japan-based game industry consultant Serkan Toto, who has supposedly read many similar articles in the past.

Rest assured, if Nintendo happens to announce that it’s working on a new portable we’ll be the first to tell you, but for now be sure to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

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Written by Tom Brown

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