Get into the Zelda spirit today, because there are even more Zelda badges added to the Arcade. Specifically, badges from the 3DS’ very own Link Between Worlds! Or, if you’d prefer a little Animal Crossing action, there are a couple amiibo Festival badges up for grabs, too.

Free Play?: No.
Practice Catcher:

5_24 Badge Arcade 7Practice Catcher

There are two days left to get any of the Paper Jam or 8-bit badges still hanging around the Badge Arcade, so hop to it!

And don’t forget about the two special promotions going on! Until May 25th, every dollar you spend will nab you a special Arcade Bunny badge.

5-5 (23) - Arcade Bunny Badges

Until the 26th, you can get a special New Leaf home screen theme by purchasing ten plays!

5-19 (18) Badge Arcade - Ocean Theme

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!

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Written by George Comatas

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