Fans of old school dungeon crawlers, take note – Atlus has released two new trailers for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth, each featuring a separate class: the Reaper and the Necromancer.

The reaper appears to be a front-row debilitating class, one that uses a power known as miasma to weaken foes. They also appear to specialize in scythes, a first for the series.

[youtube link=”″ width=”853″ height=”480″]

Meanwhile, the Necromancer appears to be a multi-purpose class, able to summon the dead to heal, attack, and support in equal accord.

[youtube link=”” width=”853″ height=”480″]

Atlus has previously released trailers for the Fencer, Dragoon, Warlock, Herbalist, Masurao and Cestus classes. Of the ten classes announced a few months back, only two remain to be showcased: the Hound and the Shaman. Given the steady release of information about the game, expect trailers for those two to drop in the next couple of weeks or so. Stay tuned to Nintendo Inquirer for more info about Etrian Odyssey V in the future!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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