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As part of a weekly DLC release schedule for Fire Emblem Fates, the third episode of Map Pack 2 is now available to purchase and download.

“III: The Changing Tide” explores Hoshido child units Shiro, Asugi, Midori, Caeldori and Rhajat as they “seize an opportunity.”


Successfully completing the map will earn players the Strengthtaker scroll, which allows a unit to learn the skill Strengthtaker – previously a Vanguard class-exclusive. Units with Strengthtaker gain a +2 bonus to their Strength each time they defeat an enemy.

The map is part of a six-chapter story titled “Heirs of Fate,” which is slated to end its weekly releases on June 9th.

“III: The Changing Tide” can be downloaded by itself through the in-game Dragon’s Gate for $1.99 USD or by means of buying the Map Pack 2 bundle, listed at $7.99 USD.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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