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CoroCoro Magazine is well known for its Pokémon leaks, but you might be surprised to find out it’s got quite a bit more content inside for Japanese readers.

Through images leaked online of the upcoming issue, it’s been revealed that CoroCoro is getting a collaboration with Splatoon! Three entirely new pieces of gear have been shown in the magazine, and all three don the logo of the magazine.


From what we can tell, one weapon and two new pieces of clothing will be added to Splatoon’s selection. CoroCoro will have its own Splat Roller, which has the stats of a standard Splat Roller, but comes a Splash Wall and Inkzooka, as well as a an orange backwards cap with the ability Damage Up, and an orange parka with the ability Cold-Blooded.

These items will be available in-game early this summer, and it seems as though they’ll be arriving simply through a regular update, rather than by special means. Additionally, they should come right alongside the next batch of Sheldon’s Picks, which will give players even more weapon options.

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Written by George Comatas

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