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UPDATE: A potentially new Pokémon can be seen in the bottom left-hand side of the new CoroCoro trailer at the 12 second mark. The Pokémon appears to be a dog type with a bushy white tail and pointy ears. What could it be?


Just a day after images of the upcoming CoroCoro issue stated that the Japanese magazine was going to be the prime source for Pokémon Sun and Moon news, the official CoroCoro YouTube account has released a trailer for the upcoming games!

While the trailer is just under a minute long and doesn’t really provide any new information on the games, (mainly just showing us the starters, box art, and a few short clips of the game), it’s still worth noting that the video hasn’t yet been seen before. And while we do see CoroCoro printing info in the magazine about Pokémon quite often, we don’t often see examples of new videos like this being posted!

So, even though it’s not anything new, the fact that it was released by CoroCoro at all is definitely worth something. It could be pointing to more significant video releases in the future – fingers crossed!

Check out the full video below!

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Written by George Comatas

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