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Today marks the first look at Pokémon Sun and Moon in action, and just like a Pokémon journey, it all begins with the starters. The three new Pokémon were revealed and based on information from the freshly opened official site, they’re all full of personality. The trio still embodies the Grass-Fire-Water triangle that’s been with the franchise since the beginning, while still being distinctly new additions. Their standard abilities are also the traditional Overgrow-Blaze-Torrent that has become synonymous with starters as well.



Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon, starts us off by being the first bird-based Grass starter, and one of the few Pokemon holding the Grass/Flying dual type. Swooping in with an adorable looking leaf bowtie, it’s specifically noted as being able to move silently through the air, flying close before kicking with its talons. That said, it’s also able to fire its feathers from a distance, each of which are actually part leaf.


Other aspects noted are an ability to see in the dark, as well as being able to swivel its head 180 degrees around. This last bit lends itself to some adorable flavor, as Rowlet is known from turning and looking at its trainer mid battle, waiting for instruction. It also brings as the first brand new attack of the generation in the form of Leafage. Not much was said about it, but odds are it represents the ability to fire its feathers mentioned above as in “leaf” and “plumage.”



Litten, the Fire Cat Pokémon, seems much more stoic. Noted for keeping a level head and holding its emotions in it seems a far cry from many of the Fire starters before it which all had a varying bit of zeal to them by default. That said, it’s still noted as passionate but with a logical bent befitting of a cat.


With an oily fur that’s highly flammable, Litten’s fire attacks come from igniting its hairballs. By grooming itself it stores up plenty of this material and is able to strike when needed. Also notable is its tendency to shed off all its old fur in a large blaze, a display that’s sure to catch eyes and bring potential for a new attack.



Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokémon, lives up to its inspiration by being a quick swimmer. Able to reach swimming speeds of 25 miles per hour, it finds more comfort in the water than on land. It’s able to bounce around due to an ability to generate water balloons, noted for their elasticity and propensity for playfulness.


By secreting these balloons from its nose it can come up with fun displays and quirky battle strategies. It’s noted for being both determined and fun-loving, devoting its time to both being flashy and strong in a fight. This kind of characterization and ability are likewise ripe for new Pokémon attacks and show an amount of thought into these starters that’s always impressive.

Let us know who you guys are leaning towards choosing, and check in with us as more news comes to light about Sun and Moon and all things Nintendo. Expect it to hit store shelves on November 18th!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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