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There were two different Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers released this morning, one in the US and one in Japan. The Japanese trailer was far different from this one released in the US, as it is, first and foremost, extremely heartwarming. It shows the power that Pokémon has to bring people together. Catch it below:

The Japanese trailer also reveals a little more than the US one, which is great, since we’ve been able to use the information from each trailer to help piece things together. For instance, the Japanese trailer confirms a Hawaiian-themed setting for our new region, which was named the Alola region in both trailers. Another aspect of the game featured in the Japanese trailer that we didn’t see in the international version was that there are now eight choices of trainer when first starting your game, compared to the six from Pokémon X and Y. Four girls and four boys, each with differing hair and skin color. Trainer customization seems to be back as well!


The US trailer also showcased the three new starter Pokémon and their types: Rowlet, a Grass/Flying Owl Pokémon, Litten, a Fire-type cat Pokémon, and Popplio, a Water-type seal Pokémon. These starter Pokémon are given to you by a man named Hala. The trailer also shows the player character video-chatting with another professor-like character, named Kukui. It’s interesting to note that Hala and Kukui are both trees native to Hawaii, possibly pointing towards two professors.


Each trailer also gives us a great shot of the Alola region as a whole, giving an overhead shot of what looks to be a fairly small region. The Japanese trailer gives us a better look, showing what seems to be a small, isolated island. The pier/dock shown on the south-west corner could suggest that this is just one part of a greater region however, which would mean that there will be smaller islands to travel to. This is all speculation at this point, though.


Both trailers also give us our first look at the new legendaries, both in-game and on the box art for Pokémon Sun and Moon. It’s interesting to note that the legendary on the box of Pokémon Sun is a lion, which seems to match up with the trademarks that were found back in April.


Perhaps the most important piece of information we received from these trailers is that Pokémon Sun and Moon are to be released on November 18, 2016 in the US and Japan, and in Europe on November 23, 2016.

That’s everything we’ve caught in both trailers so far, please let us know over on Twitter @NintendoInq if we missed anything!

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