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UPDATE: A high quality scan of Famitsu has arrived, showing the Hamtaro pet in action! Take a look:


The next title in the Story of Seasons series will be releasing in Japan next month, and today Famitsu revealed a special collaboration within the title. Hamtaro, the lovable little hamster from Ritsuko Kawai’s Tottoko Hamtaro manga and its multiple anime releases, will be available as a pet in the game. While there’s no word on how vocal he’ll be, his original voice actress Kurumi Mamiya will be recording lines for the game meaning he’ll be Ham-chatting it up to some extent.


No localization has been announced for this release, though the chance is likely considering the popularity of its predecessor. That said, it still leaves Hamtaro’s fate uncertain overseas. Fingers crossed for the little guy!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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