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The second round of Fire Emblem Fates downloadable content has finally begun rolling out: both the first wave of Map Pack 2 and the entire bundle are now available for purchase.

The two maps made accessible today are “Another Gift from Anna” and “I: In Endless Dreams,” the latter of which being the first of a six part “Heirs of Fate” series that follows the children of Hoshido and Nohr.

“Another Gift from Anna” provides players with both the Boots and Paragon items.

While the Boots permanently raise a unit’s Movement by 1, the Paragon allows a unit to learn the skill Paragon, which doubles the amount of experience that character earns in battle.

“I: In Endless Dreams” details a story about Kana, the child of Fire Emblem Fates’s playable avatar.

Completing this map rewards players with Skilltaker and Lucktaker tomes, which allow a unit to learn each respective skill.


Buying Map Pack 2 provides players access to both maps, as well as all remaining parts of the “Heirs of Fate” DLC.

All three can be purchased now from the in-game Dragon’s Gate: “I: In Endless Dreams” for $0.49 USD, Map Pack 2 for $7.99 USD and “Another Gift from Anna” at no cost.

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