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UPDATE: North American box art for Callie/Marie and the Inkling 3-Pack have been added.



Since Splatoon’s launch nearly a year ago, and with a certain update that happened a couple months back, we all guessed they were coming. And finally, here they are.

The Squid Sisters themselves, Callie and Marie, are debuting in plastic form this summer.

The two distinctive squid kids seem to unlock a bunch of new songs and performance clips of them in-game, but whether or not they have any other functionality is yet to be determined. However, for collectors, these two are sure to be a hit! The designs are gorgeous, with textures and details Nintendo made sure to highlight. Plus, something we’ve never seen in amiibo before – sparkles!

Along with the Squid Sisters are three new Inkling amiibo in colors that coordinate with the girls: a green Inkling Girl, a purple Inkling Boy and an orange variant of the Squid.

Callie and Marie will hit store shelves exclusively in a double pack for $24.99, while the new purple Inkling Boy and green Inkling Girl will be sold individually for $12.99 each. Additionally, you can get the two new Inkling amiibo with a new orange Inkling Squid, exclusively in a triple pack (just like the original Inkling amiibo release), for $34.99.

Callie and Marie, plus the newly colored Inklings, will be available July 8th. Check out the reveal video below!

You’ll be able to purchase Callie and Marie in a double pack for $24.99 and the new recolors of the original Inklings either individually for $12.99 each or in a 3-pack with an orange squid for $34.99.

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With these three new Inkling amiibo, plus the Summer Outfit Isabelle figure which is coming out this June, it certainly seems like variant amiibo are going to become more of a trend than they have been. What do you think of the recolored Inklings? Let us know in the comments below!

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