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UPDATE (5/2): Nintendo has released a new version of the Squid Sisters concert, this time providing English subtitles for all of the dialogue Callie and Marie speak while performing. So even if you checked out the original version below, you might be able to enjoy the experience even more by watching this updated video. Have fun– and stay fresh!

For anyone who was disappointed they didn’t get a chance to see the Squid Sisters in concert back in January, Nintendo’s released a little bit of a treat for you.

While some videos of the event had been released, none of them were perfect or as high quality as we would have liked. It looks like the announcement of the new Squid Sisters amiibo seemed like the perfect time for Nintendo to treat us. On the official Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel, the best quality upload of the Squid Sisters concert to date has been uploaded.

While it’s not quite the same as seeing them live, it’s still fun to watch the two squid holograms put on a show for a bunch of excited fans. And because this was uploaded by Nintendo itself, it’s safe to say we finally have an official video of the event!

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