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With three storylines and additional map packs already available, Fire Emblem Fates may be one of the most robust offerings Nintendo has to offer, all things considered. Continuing that rollout is a second DLC pack, the aptly named Map Pack 2. Featuring six new maps, what sets this batch apart from the first is the continuous storyline that runs throughout the content. Starring the younger generation of characters, this new content will provide a look at how they rise up to defend both themselves and their parents. Like other DLC maps currently available, the characters will be “new” as opposed to the leveled up versions you may have in your existing armies.


Another free gift will be on its way to all players on May 5th as well. Anna will provide the Boots and Paragon items to any player able to visit the Dragon’s Gate in any version of Fire Emblem Fates.

Map Pack 2 will release May 5th and cost $7.99, including bonus content alongside the entire “Heirs of Fate” saga for buying it in its entirety. The first episode will also be at a discounted price of $0.49, allowing an affordable look at the starting point of this mini storyline. Each additional map will release once a week from May 5th all the way to the finale on June 2nd.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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