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Nintendo of America has spent nearly 30 years owning interest in the Seattle Mariners, the baseball team representing the state of its headquarters.

Yet, according to the official Twitter account of the Mariners, Nintendo will be cutting most of its ties with the team. No prior notice of the plan had been announced before this, but the Mariners have stated that most of Nintendo’s shares will be going to other members of First Avenue Entertainment LLLP. Nintendo will remain holding 10% of its stake in the team.


Furthermore, according to The Seattle Times, Howard Lincoln, the man at the helm of the team, is stepping down. Whether these two pieces of news have anything to do with each other is unclear, but we do know that First Avenue Entertainment LLLP is owned by John Stanton, who is planning on taking Lincoln’s place.

No news on why the change is taking place or what this could mean for Nintendo and its plans, but we’ll bring more news about it as it comes. Stay tuned!

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Written by George Comatas

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