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It’s not uncommon that we hear of sales figures regarding big games or amiibo in countries like the U.S. or Japan, but more often than not a lot of other countries get swept under the rug. Philipe Lavoue of Nintendo of France recently had an interview with news outlet Le Parisien to discuss some of the company’s sales numbers.

The Nintendo DS has a solid lead in all hardware sales at 10.5 million units, with the Wii following at 6.4 million. The 3DS family has sold 4 million units, and the Wii U has sold about 740,000.

Additionally, according to Lavoue, Nintendo has moved about 1.4 million amiibo in the country since their release last year.


The numbers don’t seem to be all that surprising, but Lavoue is quoted as saying “the game console still has good days ahead.”

You can read the full interview at Le Perisien, though fair warning: it is in French– Google Chrome’s translation is your friend!

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Written by George Comatas

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