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NIS America, a game publisher known for releasing games on behalf of the Japanese developer Atlus in Europe, has reportedly just severed its ties with said developer in both Europe and the US.

The managing director of NIS America, Takuro Yamashita, is quoted as saying “I noticed that it was very difficult for NIS America to establish an equal-partnership with Atlus.”


After Sega’s acquisition of Atlus in 2013, the company has supposedly become much more difficult to work with. While the Atlus brand itself hasn’t changed, and is reportedly still acting independently, Sega has taken over the publishing rights for its games in the US.

What this could mean for the European distribution of upcoming Atlus releases going forward, such as Persona 5, is still yet to be determined, but hopefully Europe will still get its hands on upcoming major titles. When it comes to upcoming Atlus games on Nintendo systems, the Atlus-developed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is being published in all regions by Nintendo, and both Etrian Odyssey V and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse have yet to be confirmed for release in Europe.

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Written by George Comatas

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