Even more transformed Ditto plushes heading to Japan | Nintendo Wire

Just over a month ago it was announced that a bunch of Pokémon plushes with Ditto’s vacant expression would be hitting Pokémon Centers across Japan.

They must have proved popular, as another selection of transformed Ditto has been confirmed for release on May 7th. They include Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Gengar and Poliwag. There’ll also be small keychain versions of each.

ditttransform0 ditttransform1

Each full size plush will cost 1,200 yen, while the keychains will cost 800 yen.

While a Western release of the plushes hasn’t been confirmed it shouldn’t be ruled out. Be sure to keep checking the online Pokémon Center store to see if they pop up!

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Written by Tom Brown

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