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UPDATE (4/19): Pokémon Comaster is now available through iOS in Japan! There’s still no word yet on a release outside of Japan, but stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted on the latest news about this new app.

Pokémon Comaster has launched in Japan! Though the app has only launched on the Android app store and will be coming to iOS later, the release of Pokémon’s first app has allowed us some footage of the game that we’ll hopefully be getting outside of Japan.

While the game is essentially a virtual board game and thus may turn some people off to it, I have to say from the footage we’re seeing that, visually, it looks really amazing. The models, animations and characters are all really well done and I can’t say I could ask for much more, especially coming from a mobile game. Honestly, it all looks to be about on par with Pokémon GO.

Functionality and gameplay-wise, Comaster also looks really sharp! While it doesn’t appear like it’s quite as in depth or impressive as GO will be, it definitely looks fun in its own right.


You can check out the full footage that’s been release below. There are two videos and if you’ve got some time, I’d suggest checking them both out, at least partially! We’ve definitely got our fingers crossed that we see this overseas.

What do you think about the new app? Are you hoping to see it get localized?

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