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Earlier today, the indie development studio best known for the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight tweeted out that it had compiled all the news, numbers and info regarding its claim to fame. Putting it all together in a huge, colorful chart, a quick look will tell you how successful YCG has been with Shovel Knight.

Here’s just a sample of the incredible chart:


The game was released on June 26th, 2014, making April just a few months shy of the two year anniversary. The game has had a total of 1,200,000 sales across all platforms, with 200k of those sales being the retail version of the game that came out just this past November. One million is quite the mark to hit, so that’s really an accomplishment in and of itself!

The team has also grown significantly since the release of the game, with the script still expanding and more content still being added. It’s rare that we see a company still supporting a game two years after its release, so this again is an accomplishment on its own. And one that benefits the fans, as well! Out of 100 nominations, Shovel Knight has won 84 of those awards.

And here’s another fun tidbit: There’s also been four babies born into the team’s families over the course of development!

The company’s chart also highlights the stats specifically for Steam, the Plague Knight add-on, and the Shovel Knight amiibo, which have all seen some pretty decent success (though nothing could trump the immediate success of the game).


Yacht Club Games has also made sure to assure fans that Shovel Knight will continue to receive support from it, with Specter Knight and King Knight add-ons coming in the future, as well as Battle Mode, Body Swap Mode, and more challenge levels… all for free!

While YCG makes sure to thank all the players for their support of the game, I think we all owe YCG a big thank you as well– not only for creating such an amazing game, but for highlighting just how much potential indie games have.

Thanks for a great two years and for more undoubtedly great content in the future. And congratulations, again, Yacht Club Games!


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Written by George Comatas

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