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Thanks to Good Smile’s blog, we have new pictures of the beautiful Zelda Wind Waker HD Nendoroid to admire, along with an official description of the figure.


From the popular game ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD’ comes a Nendoroid of Princess Zelda! She comes with three expressions parts including a standard smiling expression, a winking expression as well as a combat expression. Optional parts include her bow together with a Light Arrow allowing you to recreate the battle with Ganondorf.

She also comes with both the Master Sword and a Mirror Shield which can be equipped by the previously released ‘Nendoroid Link: The Wind Waker ver.’ for all new posing options! Be sure to display the two of them together and recreate all sorts of different scenes from the game!

As Good Smile so nicely (and appropriately) put it: It’s dangerous to go alone! Just as her description stated above, the Zelda Nendoroid also includes the Master Sword and Mirror Shield accessory pieces to help decorate the matching Link Wind Waker Nendoroid. In other words, ordering Zelda will give you even more photo ops with new pieces for a second Nendoroid. How cool is that?


Needless to say, all the accessories for both figures are beautifully detailed. We can’t wait to see all of these in person! And lucky for us (and you), it looks like we won’t have to wait long. This Zelda Wind Waker HD Nendoroid is going to be up for pre-order starting tomorrow, April 13th. Follow @ToysInq on Twitter for the latest news about when and where the pre-orders will be available. We’ll keep you posted!

If you’re looking for more visuals to drool over while we wait for the pre-orders to open, you can view earlier photos of this Zelda Nendoroid in our previous article.

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