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While the reception of Yo-Kai Watch has been tepid in the West so far, it’s still huge in its home region of Japan, with new games releasing every year since 2013. Now Level-5 has revealed in the latest issue of CoroCoro that, much like Yo-Kai Watch 2, the third main installment will be released as two separate versions: Sushi and Tempura.


Each version comes with an exclusive physical Yokai medallion: Sushi will get the KK Brothers, whereas Tempura players get Tomnyan. These medals will supposedly be supported by the New 3DS, suggesting NFC compatibility. They will also work with the smartphone app Yo-Kai Dream Roulette and the physical DX Yo-Kai Watch Dream toy.

It is also likely that each version will have exclusive Yo-kai, as was the case with Yo-Kai Watch 2’s separate versions, Ganso and Honke.

In Yo-Kai Watch 3 the protagonist moves to the United States with his family and ends up exploring a town filled with brand new Yo-kai based on American customs. Both versions will launch on July 16th in Japan, and time will tell if it will eventually release in the West.

Thanks go to Perfectly Nintendo for the translations and scans!

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Written by Tom Brown

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