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For those of you still working on kicking your friends’ butts in Pokkén, we’d suggest going on your Wii U and updating to the most current version of the game (Ver. 1.2), which is live as of today.


While it’s on the smaller side, the update will help fix several bugs that players were finding throughout the game. Additionally, a couple of the Pokémon within the game have been balanced out or otherwise tweaked to allow for fairer gameplay. Reshiram, who plays a role as a Support Pokémon, has its functionality balanced out, and Shadow Mewtwo was altered to correct an issue that allowed the player controlling him to infinitely use an unstoppable combo.

The update is only 14MB of data, so it shouldn’t take too much time or hassle to keep your game up to date this time around. Make sure to update it as soon as you get the chance!

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Written by George Comatas

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