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Star Fox Zero is just around the corner, and, as with any major release, people are wondering how it’ll perform graphically. Digital Foundry, a well-respected Eurogamer feature that thoroughly examines these technicalities, has taken up the task of examining this return to the Lylat System.

Their overall impressions are generally positive, with the game typically maintaining a targeted 60fps frame rate, but apparently it occasionally dips into the 50s or even 40s during scenes with water effects and/or intense explosive action. As fans know, both of these things are pretty common occurences in Corneria, the first stage.

The Digital Foundry believes these dips are caused by the fact Star Fox Zero is rendering two independent images at once: one for the TV screen, and one for the Gamepad cockpit view. Considering the game renders at 1280×720 on the TV and 854×480 on the Gamepad, that adds up to a total resolution of 2134×1300; a far higher number than what most Wii U games strive for.

While some may say the Gamepad should have been nixed to secure a more stable frame rate, Digital Foundry states that “it’s the core hook of the experience though, and Star Fox Zero benefits hugely from the dynamic it brings. It gives more power to the player, and with practice, there’s potential to pull off some incredible level runs.”

You can read the team’s impressions in full over at Eurogamer, and you can expect more coverage of Star Fox Zero from us in the near future!

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Written by Tom Brown

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