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UPDATE (04/07): Capcom has updated the official Japanese Ace Attorney 6 website with some footage featuring both returning characters and two new faces. You can check out a compilation below:

They have also confirmed that the animated cutscenes in the game will be done by A-1 Pictures, the team behind the on-going Ace Attorney anime. This marks a change from Dual Destinies, which had cutscenes by the team at Bones.

Just a month ago we broke the news that everyone’s favorite spirit medium, Maya, would be making her long awaited return in the upcoming Ace Attorney 6. Now we know two other former assistants will be popping up: Ema Skye and Trucy Wright.

First we have Ema, who made her debut in the final case of the first game and returned for Apollo Justice years later, and she made a brief appearance in the Edgeworth-starring Ace Attorney Investigations in the interim. While last we saw her chronologically she was a homicide detective, but in the new game she may have finally achieved her dream and become a forensic investigator. Take a look at her announcement in the latest issue of Famitsu:


In the same set of scans we discover that Phoenix Wright’s adoptive daughter, Trucy, has been caught up in a murder trial after an unfortunate accident happens at one of her magic shows. It looks like Apollo Justice will have to defend her, and he brings with him his “Perceive” ability, which you can check out in action below:



Ace Attorney 6 will be releasing in Japan on June 9th in Japan, and a western release has been confirmed by Capcom in the past.

Special thanks go to Court Records for the scans and translation!

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